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mas ludivine, belgique

depuis que tu nous a quitter en 1994 les grand prix ne sont plus les meme et on ne les trouve plus grand mais petit tu faisait nos reve tu nous manque et personne ne te remplacera dons nos coeurs


Manuel, Belgium

Dear Ayrton, after more than 10 years we still miss you. You are still the GREATEST !!!! You will always be my nr one


Claude MICHELS, Luxembourg

Ayrton Senna was the best driver for ever


Kostyak Christian, Bukarest

Ten years after the terrible accident it`s difficult to know him dead.He was a genius and also one of the simpatic personality I ever saw.So far my opinion.We miss him.A lot.And we will miss him.Forever.


durracq, -

10 years of sorrow. Magic Senna will always remain in our mind and heart. Since Imola 94, the f1 race has never been the same. Gone are the days! I will always remember his last words to Prost: I miss you Alain! Sunday, bloody Sunday may the 1st, 1994! Later on today in Monaco I wish that the partner of the arrogant jerk would win and I am sure he would dedicate his victory to Ayrton. We will never forget him.


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