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Livre d'or Ayrton Senna


Da Silva Cidalia, Genève,Suisse

Eras e seras o maior para nos. passamos muitos bons momentos contigo!


Victor Abou-Saad, Lebanon

To Ayrton, the Greatest ever, The greatest that ever was, the greatest that ever will be! You'll always be my magic, my idol, my example to follow in life and teach to my children! You still live in my heart and in my dreams. Pray for us from where you are, magic.


verton, belgium

il est toujours quelque part, dans chaque courbe de chaque circuit. Il avait la charisme, cette chose en plus qui le rendait attachant et sacré à nos yeux. Qu'il continue de planer au dessus de nous...


Murali, -

A fantastic piece of tribute to the greatest driver in the history of F1 Motorsports.To keep winning consistently at the highest level of competition with the likes of Prost,Mansell and Piquet as your competitors speaks volumes of this great man.Just compare this piece of history to the present day affairs in F1,when one man keeps winning easily(after the exit of Hakkinen) with the most superior car and with inferior class of drivers around him. It is ironic.Senna managed himself to pole positions even with inferior cars.Definitely f1 will never be the same again without senna.


Radjinder Kumar , R, the Netherlands

the worlds greatest 4ever till the end of times. AYRTON SENNA "King of the F1". Prince senninha rules 4 ever. Sincerely yours : 'prince VEGETA.


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