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$ergio Farina, N.Y.C.

To the greatest Champion of every time.$ergio


Dany, -

Thanks very much for the creators of this website which reminds us all of the best driver F1 has known. Senna showed not only his driving skills but even more important, what a human being can do when he is passionate and perfectionist for one hobby. He went beyond limits, did everything he could to reach his goals. Personally, he helped me a lot in achieving objectives in my personal life. When I go through hard times, I listen to Ayrton when he won in Interlagos in 1991 and it is just breathless. Thank you Ayrton, we will always remember you


Paul, Angleterre

Over a decade passed, where has it gone, Much too fast yet far too long; My thoughts and feelings still the same, No-one to answer, no-one to blame; A presence of enormous grace, A better example of the human race; His thoughts always of those in need, His legacy ensures that they are freed; Misunderstood in many ways, Unbeatable on his day of days; He gave so much to those who cared, And repelled the challenge from those who dared; A talent unequalled with unrivalled natural speed, A driven determination to win and succeed; A legend revered by those who raced, Against the man, on the tracks he graced; A complex mix of sentiments and emotion, A phenomenon with unshakable devotion; To push the limits to unimaginable highs, Whilst taking us with him on the ride of our lives; Sorrow and longing for our hero lost, By events that came at such tragic cost; Imola marked the loss for Formula One, Of its greatest exponent and it’s fastest son; As time has passed and memories falter, A feeling stays that time cannot alter; That we were privileged and honoured to see the best, Before he was taken from us and laid to rest.


Paolo Siagonidis, Italie

Au revoir Ayrton.... Tu as etè le plus grand de tous temps! Invincible pendant la vie....Irreplaçable dans la mort.... A bientot. Paolo Siagonidis


Eduard Olivier, Saint Augustine, FL, USA

I apologize for writing in English but my French is not so good... Ayrton was a personal friend of mine and there's nothing I can say that would make the pain go away... Thank You for your beautiful site..it brought me closer again to my dearest friend Beco... Merci


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