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adam, angouleme

ayrton tu sera a jamais le plus grand,tu nous manque beaucoup


Daniel, Cool

Cool Site ! www.SennaFan.de


Savanah, USA

I still keep Ayrton's memory in my heart. He still inspires me. I no longer watch F1 because it just isn't the same anymore without Ayrton. Thank you for this nice website. Thank you for helping keep Ayrton's memory alive.


gerald, talence

le plus grand pilote de tous les temps ne sera jamais remplacé ayrton manquera toujours à la formule 1


Adrian Bajada, Malta (Europe)

On the day that he died i felt my heart being ripped out of my chest , i was incredulous that my hero, my mentor, could be gone . 13 years later i've lost interst in what is only a ghost of what formula 1 was and i realise that my Hero Senna has never left me as never has the anger for FIA and mostly for the Williams Team faded away. What a sham Formula 1 has become since my dearset Senna has gone to collect his ultimate Trophy. You'll be the 1st i'll ask for when my time comes to join you.!!!!!


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