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Ayrton Senna was born on March 21, 1960, in Sao Paulo, of Neyde and Milton Guirado Theodoro Da Silva.The family counts already a girl, Viviane, and increases later of another son, Leonardo.
It is at the four years old that Ayrton Senna makes its first meeting with a wheel, when his father offers a kart to him which it has even manufactured him. At ten years, Ayrton receives its first true kart, but it must wait its thirteen years to take part in a compétition.It is on the track of Interlagos which it carries out its very first race of kart that it gains. This year there, it win all.

In 1977, he becomes Champion of South America Titrates that he preserves in 1978. From 1978 to 1981, it gains four times the title of Champion of Brazil and 2 times that of Vice-Champion of the World of kart behind Dutch Peter Koene in 1979 and 1980.



His meeting with a monoplace goes up at the end of 1980. It is a Formula Ford 1600 of Van Diemen's team, with which it signs a contract for the following season. In 1981, he disputes three British Championships of Formula Ford 1600. Ayrton Senna Da Silva being a too complex name to pronounce for English mechanics, one it called " Harry".With 12 victories in 21 runs, he win ains there this year the Championship Townsend Thoresen Formule Ford 1600. The most famous.
But behind this frontage, all is not good.
August 31, after having wined sixth victory consecutively, he surprises everyone while answering: " I stop running, I go back to Brazil. Until now, the competition remained for me a pleasure without constraint. Unfortunately, to progress, the talent is not enough any more. And I do not want to spend my time seeking sponsors. Moreover, it is necessary me to choose between the family interests and the race ". In fact, after two races dispute in September, Ayrton Senna return to Brazil. Ayrton undertake some study of economy and start a life well line of businessman with side of its father.

But, with the wire of the weeks the call of the wheel becomes increasingly present, until Ayrton decides to persevere in the automobile sport and to turn over in Angleterre.This return takes place in March 82. It is in Formula Ford 2000, that Ayrton starts his new career. It did not never yet roll with ailerons, nor with tires slicks for monoplaces, however it gains his first test at Brands Hatch. It is followed of 22 victories on 27 courses. In 1983, it is the meeting with Dick Bennets, directing the team of Formula 3 West Surrey Racing. The season is concluded between them and starts with 9 victories on the 9 first races.

Ayrton starts to make speak about him seriously, which starts offers of the TEAM-MANAGERS of F1. Senna approaches Frank Williams then and asks him consulting. Williams, makes fault of being able to engage it, him most beautiful of the answers by inviting it to test one of his cars. Senna makes 70 laps on the car of Rosberg in July 1983. There will remain a long time grateful about it in Frank Williams. It will however be necessary that ten years are passed before it does not lead Williams. He also tests Brabham, McLaren and Toleman. It gains the British title of Champion of F3. According to Dick Bennets, who saw passing in his team of the pilots such as Hakkinen, Barrichello, Rosberg or Lauda, Ayrton Senna is the best.

That's Toleman who engage Ayrton finally to carry out its beginnings in F1. It relates to three years, but Ayrton Senna stay only a season...

Before F1:1979-80: World Championship of karting (2nd each time).
1981: Champion of England - Formule Ford 1600.
1982: Champion of England and Europe - Formula Ford 2000.
1983: Champion of England - Formule 3.

Number of GP:161
Victories: 41
Pole-positions: 65
Laps in the first place: 2984
Kilometers at first place: 13600
Championships points: 614



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